Why The Economy of Democracies are Failing (we are currently past of the point of no return for all Democracies, their Economy's are on a downhill Slide - expect Trade War, and War with North Korea causing World War III, Russia and China will have no Logical choice, if they Choose not to go to War, then War will break out all over the World)  because Democracies were designed to protect the Rich and Powerful's acts of Corruption via Confidentially

Bram Stoker seen this coming 120 years ago, thus wrote the story of Dracula, who sucked the blood of the People under cover of Darkness = Confidentially.  The Rich and Powerful practice corruption under the cover of Confidentially, thus sucking the financial Blood of the People.

Government will not make the structural changes to make a better World as they are paid by the Rich and Power, who do not want confidentially restricted.

Even Governments demand Confidentially, so your vote is worthless, it only controls for who Governs.

I know how to create a bloodless revolution, but do not have the money.

Facilitator Peter W®