25 Oct 2016 - Reporters without borders released it's World Press Freedom index.  I read the following from the site called Truth Revolt.

The US ranks 41st on the World Press Feeedom Index, making it behind Tonga, Ghana and even Namibia.  It did not mention Canada, but I figure it would be close to the US.

The Deep State/Demonocracy/Parasitocracy

For the most part​, the next 2 lines was taken from the Bill Bonner letter

Democracies are a public relations Title (with Switzerland being an exception) for a Deep State/Parasitocracy.

WHY - Because these Citizens - Suckers, have refused to respect Gods 2nd Tenets for Man.  Tenet # 2, one must protect themselves from those who would do them harm, without cause and #4 of Mans Five Covenants with God.

This deep State/Parasitocracy, both the (Rich and Poweful) and Wall Street, grew very rich via exceptionally low interest rates, thus Hilllary's $675,000.00 speaking fee, appears to be a Thank you, from Goldman Sachs in 2013.

Had we stayed on the Gold Standard, the above could not have occurred.

The next 2 lines comes mostly from the Bill Bonner Financial Letter.

The Deep State needs Elections - to provide a cloak of legitimacy and respectability, as well as a feed back mechanism, in order to know how much they can steal/how far they can push the public, into Poverty/Control the media/take away Freedoms, without dire consequences, or if a false flag Event becomes necessary or a head of State must be assassinated. 

By voting for the new Head of State, you naturally accept the consequences of such voting, because, you voted for him/her. This false sense of responsibility is due to your refusal to Respect - Tenet #2 and #4 of Mans Five Covenants with God.

A Politician needs Money to get Elected.  The Deep State provide these funds and in doing so, controls those Elected.  This allows the Deep State to look into the future and prevent that which would affect them adversely from happening.

There is however, a flaw in their methods, as Gods Intelligent Structural Design (GISD) forces them to open doors that are overly expensive, each door they must open becomes more expensive, until disaster occurs.

Their only course - door, then is War, but War would for the most part wipe out any Nation so engaged, for all intents and purposes.  Their current choice is to pretend, all is OK  It is not, thus disaster awaits.

Had we stayed on the Gold Standard, none of the above could have occurred,  but the Deep State closed that door.  Once the Gold Standard door was closed.  The Deep State provided fiat  = fake Money, to be created out of thin air.


This worked out great for the Deep State/Elites, except it created huge debts, a real problem - this is Gods Intelligent Structural Design ( GISD) doing its job, also reference the use of the word,  Doors.

Recently the Deep State in Italy lost a major referendum, the Deep State will try to make the NO vote ineffectual.

May you choose good Karma


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