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Man has depicted Satan, as a Powerful Negative entity, whose goal is to actively do harm to Man, also provides a whiping boy that can be blamed, if anything goes wrong.

Example: The Devil made me do it.  It is not your fault, it is the Devil's Fault.  Your Prayers were not answered, you do not truly believe in God/the Devil interfered etc.

Pray to god to protect you from the Devil.  Satin lurks in the Dark, each of which its purpose is to invoke Negative Fear.  Remember all of Gods Gifts were designed to be Positive, thus this attitude tries to change Positive Fear into Negative Fear.  The Purpose of Fear is to cause you to rethink your proposed action, not to cause you to freeze.

Alcohol, Guns are bad.  Really?  In moderation Alcohol can be relaxing, I have never seen a Gun kill someone, but People can use this tool to kill, or use a baseball bat to kill.  Both are tools, respect them.

Alcohol is Evil, therefore anyone using Alcohol can use it as an excuse to use violence, as it is not their fault, the Devil Remember.  Using Drugs, then, commiting an act of Evil is NO EXCUSE.  It was your decision to take the Drugs, then,  YOU are responsible.

Many Lawyers in Court use the above as an excuse for a Person's act of Evil - they were not responsible, it was the Effect of Drugs that were Evil, therefore they are without blame.

This extremely Evil concept, of someone else - the Devil/Satan, being responsible for your actions, has created, encouraged, enable and protected more Evil, than any other concept it the history of man.

I listened to an Incest case in Court, and the above was his defense.  This gave this person, the opportunity of denying that it was his fault.  This Man Emotionally damaged his Daughter, probably for the rest of her life.

This Evil concept.  has been used throughout history.  I do not think it is possible to fully explain  how devastating this Evil Concept has been to Man.  It has been used and in some cases, destroyed, millions of Peoples lives.  The Enormity of it is beyond our comprehension.  

Beware of anyone who invokes the idea that the Devil as real. All the ascribed abilities of Satan/Devil never conform to Logic or lack of Prejudice, as found in Nature GISD which is always positive.

Remember you become your actions.  This will cause you to be Rewarded for your Acts of Righteousness, thus you will endeavor to repeat these actions and be admired for such actions or be Punished for Acts of Evil via you will desire to repeat such actions, Example: over indulgence in Drugs - punishment = you will desire to increase your habit, thus People will wish to avoid you and not trust you,  further it will damage your body.

Due to that part of your brain as somewhat explained in the home page, you will become addicted to your past actions, be they Evil or Righteous.  Read the teachings on Thoughts - not typed as yet.  

​The Movie the Excorcist,  the affected person turned her head all the way around - 360 Degrees, should God interfere in Man's affairs, even God would have to stay within GISD borders/Laws, thus, could not turn a Man's head 360 degrees, as it was not so designed. It does however make a scary movie.

My Daughter desperately wanted to watch a Scary Movie, so I bought a Scary Movie by a famous author, as it would be well written. At various times I would points out a scene in the Movie, one such scene a Night Shift Worker was working  in a factory basement, with about 125 Rats sitting on top of the walls, I said I wonder how much the Producer has to pay someone to train all these Rats.

She stood up and said, I am never going to watch a Scary Movie with you again and left, as such whenever she would see a Scary Movie, in the future, thinking logically it would not give her nightmares.  Mission Accomplished.

God has provided man generously, always in a Positive Manner, even the Gift of Fear is Positive.  Creating/Enabling Satan/Devil, would go against, all that God has provided Man, therefore, God would not create such a Negative Entity.  Only Man will do so, for control/profit.

Even going so far as encouraging that part of your brain that wants to please you, to refashion oneself into one who wishes to become Evil in all aspects, for the purpose of Power and Contol.  Remember this part of your brain has no understanding of Morality, only your choices will determine it's ways to please you.

Therefore only Man is the creator, of the myth of Satan, for Control via negative Fear = Profit.

Man, also depicted Sartan/Devil, in the form of Man, except adding a red color, horns and a tail.  Afterall all lower land based Creatures have a tail, except insects.

Thus Depicting Satan/Devil in the image of Man (a Human Form) with additions, can inflict upon God/Satan/Devil any Evil Characteristics, that Man, has ever been known, to perpetrate, including mulitating the Positive Gift of Fear into a Negative Emotion, thus, ensuring control and profit 

God is beyond our understanding and always will be so, however Gods Intelligent Structural Design as found in Nature which conforms to Logic without Prejudice is not beyond our understanding. Unfortunately some Parents employ myths (the bogeyman etc.) to scare and control Children.

This is both Emotionallly and physicaly, damaging to children.  Instead of taking the responsibility, of explaining, why the Child's behavior in not acceptable, to Society and enforcing it.

Even more devastating, is the parent, who uses a myth, to purposely inject Negative Fear, into their Chiid's psyche, for the purpose of control/harm.

Read the Teachings on "Emotional Predator" to be found in the left side of the page.

Fairy tales, can also be Emotionally damaging, as they inject negartive Fear, into a Child's psyche, via allowing the bad guy , to inflict harm, without Punishment, upon the victim.

For this reason, all fairy tales, should be censored, by the parent and changed so the potential vicim, fights back and wins.

Satan/devil in one form or another, has been used, in one form or another, for thosands of years, as a means of installing Negative Fear and Control for the purpose of Profit.

Stricking Negative Fear into those, who would do, what the ruling hierarchy - non-democratic, government/religion did not wish them to do.

Thousands of years ago, the average person, was not sophisticatged enough to understand the Emotional - Physical damage, to Society or even themselves, including those around them, that this type of Evil Negative Fear - control, created in one's psyche.  Remember you become your actions.

Today, even with our exceptional technological sophistication, most People do not recognise all this Emotional/Physical damage.

When you/they engage in an Evil Act, not only does this act do harm to your/ their intended victim, but to themselves and those around them. as well as all of humnaity.  Thus you are your Brother's keeper whether you like it or not.

GISD provides immediate and ongoing punishment for this act of Evil,  but,  for the  most part, due  to our lack of Emotional understanding, punishment is not recognised.

The basic reason, for this lack of Emotional understanding, is that there is insufficient monetary profit, for an individual or group to spent their time, money and effort to promote Emotional understanding, actually the opposite is true, as it is more difficult to victimize a Person with Emotional Understanding.

Inventing and selling a device, for which people will pay, has a Monetary Profit.  Teaching Emotional understanding, does not have the same potential Monetary reward, but it's value to an Individual, those around him and Society is incalculable.

For the most part, we put our trust in technology, instead of the Living Word of God - GISD as found in Nature, that conforms to logic without Prejudice.  Remember GISD cannot be Prejuce as the Laws of Nature could not be stable.

This has been a disaster, as a result, we live in a highly Immoral - Evil Society, with all it's onerous consequences.  As GISD is punishing us ever more severely.

Governments in order to control People are forced to open more doors, ie: lower interest rates, this is an  expensive door as those who have saved for retirement have been financially raped, also Insurance Companies and Pension funds.  Thus eventually another door must be opened. GISD causes each door to be more expensive, until, even they, fear opening another door.

Teaching this Emotional understanding provided via GISD, is the only verifiable living Word of God, so that your understanding will provide you with the Emotional Understanding leading to Financial Success.

Recognise that Evil choices is a slippery slope, from which it is very hard to Escape.  I was approached by a person, who desperately wanted something I had, he offered me a very well paying job on the Docks as a checker - easy work, in return I had to give him that which he wanted, along with 50% of my paycheck for a year.

The income was high enough that I could afford 50%, and still live, but I turned him down, why, because, it would be a slippery slope, as knowing, I agreed to Evil once, I could be bribed again or blackmailed, thus a slippery slope.  This is GISD at work

This is the only, reason to be, for the existence of this house of God - Gods Verifiable

May you choose good karma.

Facilitator Peter W®

                             Facilitator PeterW® Explaining Gods Intelligent Structural Design as found in Nature

Satan/Devil - Reality or Myth