Man's Five Covenants with God, is all about, respecting, that which God, has provided and enabled, for MAN

Thus, respecting Man's Five Covenants with God, will enable Man, to be more successful and happy - Emotionally, Physically and financially.

This is Gods Reward, in return, for Man respecting, Mans Five Covenants with God.

For all, that God has provided and enabled for Man.  God has asked,  for Man to exhibit five (5) characteristics:

1.  Only. carry out those actions, that you believe, to be responsible - honourable and accept responsibility, for those acts.

2. Life is opportunity,  about choice and challenges,  Only accept responsible challenges

3. Man, must.  also punish those who chose Evil, in a clear and unmistakable manner, including Corporal and Capital Punishment.  Placing anyone in Prison for longer than a year is counter-productive and a waste of Resources - Read the Teaching - Incarceration.

Gods immediate Punishment, for acts of Evil, is Emotional, which is usually not recognised or respected by Man.

Take Note:  Gods Emotional Punishment/Rewards, always lead to physical  Punishment/ Rewards.

4. Man must control his/her Governors and Legal Entities, including having a binding vote, on all Major Political Acts, except War, which must be approved within 30 Days.  Those who continue to perscute War after 30 days without approval of the Citizens vote, must be incarcerated, until 1 year has passed after cessation of such War. 

5.  Man, must work to expose and eliminate, all Evil Structures, within one's own tribe.  Unfortunately this must be in stages, as our Structure is so Evil, that an complete change would be a disaster.

Man is an EXTREMELY ARROGANT Entity, if you remember, Man believed that the Sun revolved around Earth, as it must be so, as man and this Earth are the most important.  If you disagreed, your life was in danger.

Man considers that he is NOT part of Nature, but that Nature was created to Serve Man.  Some even believe that Gods owes Man, this is Mans EXTREME ARROGANCE AT WORK AGAIN.  

Man is part of Nature.  Nature was not created to serve Man, on the contrary,  Man was created to SERVE Nature.

Man, because he was given CHOICE, believes that he is in TOTAL CONTROL of his life,  FALSE.  Gods design forces us to play out our part.  if we continue to chose to allow EVIL to control our Political Structure, -  Then not only will GISD  punish us, but our specie will digress into a dark age.

Man is not Gods only specie, we see other species disappearing, but we are so Arrogant that we cannot envision our own extinction.

I watched a Movie reference Mr. Snowden, he showed how the US has prepared, in time of potential War, to cause opposing Nations to literally go black and to defend its own Military Locations from such attack.  WHAT ABOUT  YOU?????

Do you really believe that other Powerful Nations have not prepared the same for the US, along with its Allies.

When you commit an act of Evil, Gods Intelligent Structural Design, immediately punishes you and all those with whom you are in contact.  When you commit an act of Righteousness, then reward follows.  Recognise that in order for man to be able to Evolve, God  had to provide Man with choice, some choose EVIL

God punishes for Acts of Evil, but our Political Structure is designed to reward those who commit Acts of Evil, therefore, we are once again going into a depression.  This depression will be like no other.  We already live in a Elected Dictatorship/Deep State/Parasitocracy,  at least  in the US, Canada,  England and Japan at least that is how it looks from where I sit.

Most do not recognise this reality, as they believe that we live in a Demonocracy, Oh pardon me - a Democracy.  This is FALSE, for PROOF - what POLITICAL ELECTED FIGUREHEAD  has HONORED HIS/HER PROMISES?  DO NOT GIVE ME EXCUSES..

Our Prime Ministers, Presidents are in Reality, PROPAGANDA FIGUREHEADS for the Rich and Powerful. 

Due to our lack of understanding and respecting GISD, Nations are facing Riots, Bombings, vast sums of Money Printing along with a Shrinking Economy.  Your paycheck does not go so far, less time for yourself and kids.

If Man respected Man's 5 Covenants with God, then instead of becoming Slaves, our net value, of our paycheck, would go about 900% over our lifetime.

For this to happen, those who make hundreds of millions, victimising his/her fellow citizens, would be unable to do so because responsible Laws would be enacted.  this would make this form of victimisation illegal. 

This current recession, will become a depression, would not have happened.

Recognise that a number of years ago when the Stock Market Crashed occurred and the regular investors lost Billions, it was a zero sum game, as the Money simply went form the regular investor to the Rich and Powerful,- it did not just disappear. guess who orchestrated the entire event.  Central Banks who own such.

Who owns the Bank of England, the Fed, the Bank of Canada, NOT THE PEOPLE, but the Rich and Powerful.

An personal example of Evil;  i was told that my Gallbladder was plugged, thus had to be removed, then I suspect i would have to be on a special diet and drugs for the rest of my life - Very Profitable for the health industry.  I told them to get lost.

Instead I found a Chinese Lady living in Toronto, she had a Old Chinese protocol to clean my Gall Bladder.  It worked, now it appears she works exclusively for a very expensive Clinic, I suspect at a much higher cost.

Question;  If I,  as an individual,  could find a cure, why the health industry could not find it.  Answer: only a very small profit.  By the way it took 10 weeks, ugly tasting herbs in Morning and Evening every day.

I tried the kidney cleanse, but it entailed boiling the silk tassles at the end of the corncob.  I was allergic,  thus the Medical industry took care of the problem.  It probably cost the Medical Industry $3000.00.  Her protocol $100.00 or less I forget.

Cancer was cured in the 1940's, why not now?  It appears that the Male actor that played in the Thin Man Series was cured of Cancer.

i could tell of another much more horrific personal health story.  In short our Medical cost in Canada without waiting time could be cut by at least 50%.

May you respect Man's Five Covenants with God, in doing so, you will be choosing Good karma.

Facilitator PeterW®

​Peter Weldon - all rights reserved.



The above, are Mans 5 Covenants with God, IF we are to become a respectful, responsible, Society,  in which JUSTICE  reins supreme, EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY AND FINANCIALLY, THESE COVENANTS MUST BE RESPECTED.

The Religious teachings found on this site are to be found no where else in the World.

Unfortunately traditional Religions have not taught their Parishioners, that Gods Punishes for Acts of Evil, immediately and cumulatively during this life and beyond.  God Rewards for Acts of Righteousness immediately and cumulatively during this LIFE and beyond.

All these teachings are to be found, for all to see, within Gods Intelligent Structural Design - Nature.


That, which provided, for all that is, and enabled, all that can be, without PREJUDICE is GOD/ALLAH ETC, THE CREATOR