Hong Kong - Democracy

Be careful for that which you wish.  To understand Democracy you need to go back

into English History

There was a time in English History when the King Taxed the People so much that

they could either eat their seed for survival or keep for next year crop,  It was much

better to eat next years seed than die now from starvation.

I am gong to simplify this History, rather than bore you to death.  Oliver Cromwell

an Aristocrat refused this tyranny, He raised an Army and defeated the King, told

the King if he lowered taxes Oliver would allow him to remain King.

The King Agreed.  Oliver disbanded his Army and went home.  Then the King

went to Europe and hired a Mercenary Army and brought them back to England

, of course he also raised crushing Taxes again.

Oliver Cromwell raised another Army and defeated the King again, this time he

beheaded the King (using  laws).  Then he took prominent Men in England and

created Parliament and gave them 3 years to rule, then they had to go to the

People to get Elected.

Parliament fearing that they may not be Elected, gave themselves another 3

years to rule.  Oliver Cromwell was not willing to put up with this maneuver. 

Oliver entered Parliament and stated that Parliament was hereby dismissed. 

They all wisely left quietly.

Upon defeating the King twice, each time his army asked him to crown

himself King, he refused.

This time he felt he had no choice, thus took control of England and took the

name "Lord Protect of England".  Thus every day due to his Name "Lord protector

of England" he was constantly reminded what was his job.

England flourished during his Rule, when he died his son Advocated, thus the

next in Line to become King, became King of England.

However due to laws passed by Parliament, he was not allowed to pardon his

friends for their acts of Evil.

This created a problem, how could the King pardon his friends that perhaps

killed a few villagers for any reason they pleased.

The King realized that they (the King and his friends) needed someone to

intercede on their behalf, so they would not be punished for their Evil Deeds.

They (the king and his friends) came to realize that a Priest was the

intermediary between the Church Hierarchy and the  parishioners and

enjoyed Confidential.  This was perfect, but they (the King and his friend)

 could not call him a priest, thus because it was the laws Passed by Parliament

that the created the problem for the King etc,thus  they chose to call him a\

LAWYER and grave him Confidentially to enable the Lawyer to hide the Truth.

Thus a Lawyers job has nothing to do with Justice but all to do with protecting

his/her Client, no matter how Evil were his Clients actions.

Bram Stoker, about 120 years ago, recognized the devastation of ​Confidentially.

  Thus he wrote the story of Dracula to explain it.  he hoped the Rich and Powerful

would not recognize it,  in his story.

Remember Dracula lived in a Castle (thus very Rich) and he would  go out at

night in the dark to suck the blood of the People.  He would also be destroyed

should the light of Day catch him as he would be killed.

​Bram Stoker was referring to the Rich and Powerful who behind closed doors

(thus in the dark = Confidentially) planned how to suck the financial blood of the People. 

(should the doors be flung open,. allowing the People to see what they were

planning the Rich and Powerful would have to flee or be Killed.

​Confidentially the corner stone of Democracy, is devastating to its People.

Thus Democracy is a divided structure, there is the Real and the Illusionary.

The purpose of the Real is to encourage and protect those who would

Steal, lie, cheat, hide their Acts of Evil, Monopolize, Murder, Financially Rape

and enslave.

The purpose of the Illusionary = the Police is to create the illusion of Justice, as you see them breaking up fights, catching bank robbers - the stupid one's who use violence, etc etc, etc.  Once they are caught, then the Law Structure takes over and if you have a good Lawyer you can get away with Murder due to Confidentially +Darkness.

This if why Democracies  go to War to instill Democracies in Countries, so they can steal their financial blood of this new Democracy, as well.

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