1.  You shall recognise that all knowledge contains equal grains of Emotional Responsibility.  Due to choice, you may accept or reject this responsibility.

Those who accept this responsibility will grow and have a more Emotionally fulfilled life, in doing so, you will be creating a better life, for all of Mankind, because you will come to understand that God has a purpose for you as an individual, thus for all Mankind.

2. You shall protect yourself against those who would do Evil upon you, without Just Cause.

3.  You shall not be an Emotional Predator (See Sermon "Emotional Predator"

4.  You shall not lie for Evil (to do harm) purposes.

5.  You shall not willingly commit an act, contrary to the Laws as found in Nature - GISD.

6.  You shall not covet another's spouse.

7.  You shall not covet another's property, as it is an act of Cowardice.  Read -teachings  "Cowards, the potentially most dangerous of all humans".

8.  You shall accept Gods Responsible Challenges,  Recognise that Emotional/Physical punishment are two of Gods Challenges, not only for Man but the Individual.

 If your choices are made without Emotional/Physical responsibility, then Nature (Gods Intelligent structural Design) will punish.  However along with the Emotional/Physical punishment is the opportunity of developing Character, thus diminishing the punishment. 

God always provides for partial Redemption.  Man is incapable of being perfect, therefore full redemption is not attainable.  Man must also provide for physical punishment and with it the opportunity for redemption.

9.  You shall not forgive or forget, but remember and understand.  

To give forgiveness without it being earned, cheats yourself, humanity , and the perpetrator and give power to Evil (that which would do you and others harm, for other than defensive reasons).

Forgiveness and Trust can only be earned, this is how God provides opportunity for partial redemption.  trusting someone that harmed you,  without them earning trust is an disservice to yourself,  them, Society and gives Power to Evil (that which would do you and others harm, for other than defensive reasons).

​10.  You shall responsibility help those in need, as you may afford and receive graciously.  To give without responsibility is Evil, as such GISD will Punish you.

11.  You shall endeavour not to trust Government/Religion including the teaching found herein, without responsibility.  GISD has provided Man with the Gift of Logic.  To believe without Logic is practising Evil, as such, GISD will punish.

12.  You shall protest injustice, to deny Power to Evil (that, which would do you and others harm, for their personal Power)  Never underestimate the Power of any form of Protest no matter how small.  GISD does ask for you to do it all, but to participate.

13.  You shall accord all strangers with good manners and your Enemies with responsible respect.

14.  You shall not trust anyone with anything that you cannot afford to lose.

15.  You shall recognise that only Nature - Gods Intelligent Structural Design is impartial and does not accept ignorance as an excuse.

16.  You shall recognise that only Nature - GISD can answer questions without prejudice.

17.  Cohabiting is GISD at work, years ago, it was a contract between the Parents/Participants of the union.   Today,  Marriage is the Government/Religion attempt to gain power, over this union, for their Political and Financial Profit.  As such, you shall recognise that Cohabiting carries Physical/Emotional responsibilities.

You shall not Cohabit for longer than 90 days without a written agreement.  You shall not reject this responsibility by giving it to others - Government/Religion.  See the teachings on Cohabiting, it will show up on the left, in time.  The internet has hundreds of such agreements, buy a couple and make your own.

18.  You shall recognise that Man is an Emotional Being, that unless taught Emotional understanding, will only use their intellect to fulfil their uncensored Emotional Desires.  Recognise that Emotional understanding is not Innate - inborn, but must be taught.

19.  You shall recognise that Dreams are meant to re-balance you Emotionally, as well as encouraging you to recognise problems in your life that must be addressed.

I explained to my daughter early in life that if she had a dream that she did not like, it was her dream and she could change it as she wished.  I explained much more but this will surfice.  She had a dream of a Monster coming into her room, she tore off his head and threw it out the steep window. (this window would cause anything thrown out of to fall 2 stories down to the the sidewalk below. along the side of the house. No Monster ever showed up again.

20. You shall recognise Gods Intelligent Structural Design (GISD) Nature, charges for all unsanctioned Acts immediately, cumulatively (like Compound Interest), without Prejudice and on an ongoing Basis and beyond this life.

21.  You shall recognise that Nature (GISD) is the only Verifiable Word of God and is always without Prejudice (always fair).  If you believe that God - Life, is unfair, then you know for certain, your thinking is WRONG.  ONLY MAN can be Prejudice - unfair.

22.  You shall recognise that only a Emotionally Uncivilised/Traumatised Man will Murder, Rape, Steal, Lie, Manipulate, Enslave, Practice Evil/Sadistic ways and or, be an Emotional Predator or commit Crime for jealous purposes.  Shun Them.

23.  You shall recognise that there is no crime that an Emotionally Uncivilised Man will not commit.

24.  You shall recognise only an Emotionally Civilised Man will give their life for a belief.  A Man (I refer to Man = meaning all People) who gives their life for a belief, will not be Punished by GOD, for having done so.  the Punishment instead, shall be borne by all of Mankind.

25.  You shall recognise that GISD - Nature, has created a part of your brain whose only purpose is to always try to please you.  It does not have the Emotional capacity to understand Morality.  As time passes, a Morality shall be created via your choices in life, thus you become your choices, that is your reward or punishment.

When that part of your brain, offers a possible solution, to a problem, it has perceived.  It is your conscious mind's job - YOU, the part of your brain that directs your body - and that you control, that has the Emotional Responsibility to determine, which offerings are acceptable and therefore acted upon and which are to be rejected without Prejudice.  

NEVER blame that part of your brain for an Emotional, impulse or thought that you find unacceptable.  Remember that part of your part of your brain was not designed to understand Morality, except via your past choices.  Thus you become your Choices., Evil or Righteousness.

Remember that part of your brain was not designed to be Moral or Immoral, but only to give you a possible solution to a perceived problem.   Thoughts can never be considered Evil - (that which would do you or others harm for other than defensive reasons), because a thought is only a thought.  Inappropriate  actions is however, Evil.

26.  You shall recognise that your body will always try to please you and as such, it will inform you of problems if you ignore these offerings, your body will stop informing you of these problem and try to mitigate - hide the problem as best as it can.  Their will come a time, when your body will no longer be able to mitigate the problem, thus, will inform you now, of major damage via pain.   Example: auto immune disease.

27.  You shall recognise that Fear is an Emotional Gift, designed to enable your success.  Do not make it an Enemy.  Its purpose is to cause you to reflect upon your possible action  and decide if you should proceed with alertness or abandon the proposed action.  The purpose of Fear is not to control you or cause you to Emotionally freeze. Read the teachings on "Fear".  Not typed as yet

28.  You shall recognise that your Intellect is a means of understanding your Emotional needs (become Civilised) and make intelligent choices.  No Entity on Earth has Man's Intellect, therefore only Man carries the ultimate Responsibility.

29.  You shall recognise that Man's Natural Reaction (self-preservation) is to use his/her etc, intellect to reason why an event is someone else's responsibility.  (see teachings on thoughts) not added yet.  

An Event in which you participate is always your responsibility, that doesn't however, mean that it is your sole or even main responsibility.  Therefore, you must be aware to protect yourself from such an Event.  

This may entail producing a tape recorder (at a meeting in plain site) or camera, or summarising the meeting on paper, with both parties signing, as a pre-emptive strike, to prevent either of you from being victimised.

30.  You shall recognise that you may ignore GISD Laws, as found in Nature, and apparently be successful, however you will eventually fail, but not in a manner that those who do not Emotionally understand the living word of God (GISD) shall recognise.  

Remember that Gods Structure punishes for the most part on an Emotional Level, immediately, cumulatively and ongoing, for Acts of Evil, including lack of responsibility which is in itself, an ongoing act of Evil. Recognise that all Emotional Punishments leads to Physical punishment without exception.

31.  You shall recognise that for Man's Law to be successful, it must mirror GISD Laws - Nature.

32.  GISD will inform you, when Man's Law is Evil,  Then you must decide how to Proceed.

It may be too costly to respect GISD due to your Evil Political Structure, if so, you both will still be punished.

33.  You may ignore man's beneficial Laws as found in GISD and apparently be successful, in doing so you will become bolder.  As such, the odds will be working against you, including Blackmail.  Remember you are controlled by your decisions, as you will become your decisions.

Further, your Emotional/Intellectual understanding of Nature - the Living Word of God - GISD, will become further distorted, which will only further increase your Emotional/Physical punishment.

34.  Remember and understand that the laws of the Living Word of God (Nature/GISD) is a teaching Tool, allowing you to understand, how to create a Political Structure that Respects the teachings found in GISD. 

Teaching you how to differentiate between Righteousness and Evil.  Thus allowing you the ability to create a Political Structure that will encourage you to choose Righteousness over Evil. 

35.  You shall recognise that Nature - God's Intelligent Structural Design, incorporates Emotional, Corporal and Capital punishments.  Any Society that does not incorporate cumulative Corporal and also Capital punishment into their Justice System, denies Justice, in dong so is enabling and encouraging Evil (that which would do harm to you or others for other than defensive reasons).

36.  Political Structures that allows Confidentially between a Lawyer and Client is an Evil Structure, that is designed to allow and encourage the few to  Enslave the Many. 

I estimate, if confidentially were removed, between the lawyer and Client, the average Citizen could take a 50% pay cut, and still have more Money at the end of the Month to spend, than today, thus it would be easy to compete with anyone in the World, recognise your Personal taxes would also be less.  

All Prices would fall to levels necessary to compete. Employment would be easy to find. Read the teachings "The Evil of Confidentially".  Further Product quality would go up, as no Confidentially to hide their shoddy product, etc, etc, etc.

​37.  You shall recognise that Corporal Punishments is to be used on Children only to get their attention (when other methods have failed or an exceptional unacceptable act has taken place) on an Emotional level, so that they learn that inappropriate behaviour is both not acceptable and carries an consequence. 

Ten minutes after the Punishment, you must explain to the child what Emotional/Physical damage  they have inflicted upon their victim, including yourself.

Further Children that repeatedly engage in inappropriate behaviour, their Parents are to blame.  Should you test such a child to determine if the Child knows right from wrong, the Child's test results will be very positive.

The Reason why they will score high - they only know right from wrong on a Intellectual basis, it is not housed within them.  

To change them you must spend quality time with them on a one to one basis. When they get into trouble, punish them, remind them, if they engage in unacceptable behaviour, they will be punished.

You will know, when they are about to change, they will get into trouble and not know how to back out, it will show in their Eyes. You will see their Eyes moving from side to side looking for a escape hatch.  The reason they want to back out, is because your actions have given them reason to respect you.

38.  Recognise that GISD will punish you for bad choices and reward you, for responsible choices, immediately and ongoing until you have shown that your inappropriate responses have changed.  

Those who do not understand the Living word of God - GISD will not recognise either the Emotional/Physical Punishment or Rewards even upon their death bed.

GISD's Rewards/Punishment not only affect yourself, but your Group and Your Nation. This is why GISD  states you are your brother's keeper whether you accept it or not.

39.  Recognise that in order to learn to understand the Living Word of God - GISD, you must not use pronouns such as; he, she, him or her.  Further you must not use adjectives such as: angry, benevolent, merciful, vengeful or kind.  If you read the home page - remember GISD cannot care, thus these words are used as a means of inflicting upon God, human Characteristics, for a Evil Power Structure's Control/Profit

40.  Recognise that you have been bless with a Human body.  The Dominant Corporeal Specie on Earth, complete with choice.  

This gift comes with many challenges:  Propagation, Learning to accepting responsibility, enjoying oneself, growing Emotionally, contributing to the betterment of Mankind, even in small ways.

 Upon the death of your corporeal body, you must leave, as it can no longer support you, then your Acts of Evil, will be assessed.  Your acts of Righteousness will also be assessed, none of your acts can be suppressed -hidden, thus upon the death of your Corporeal body, you will be so Judged.

The Christian concept of Heaven or Hell, is much too simple and full of holes.  Other religious concepts I know little or nothing, but either will involve challenges.

Everything in Nature - GISD states this, as even with your Corporeal body you are Punished or Rewarded for each deed immediately.  Due to lack of understanding , most will never see it, even on their death bed.

I had a situation where I had to fight off some part of me, that was outraged beyond understanding,  as such it wanted to tear a certain person apart (without thought of Injury, Morality, Man's or God's Punishment).  

The Intellectual fight, nearly tore my body (my whole body shook, my muscles were constantly receiving opposing commands, only milliseconds apart) apart, I finally won, but cannot remember what happened thereafter.  I believe that had I been older, when this occurred, it would have killed me.

Whether it was an Ancestor or another part of  my brain, subconscious or the intellect found within the spinal cord, I do not know.

During the French Revolution, beheaded corpse's were experimented with via placing acid upon the left breast, where upon the right arm would wipe it off.  When the right arm was tied, it struggled, then stopped and the left arm wiped the acid off. Thus even without a head, intelligence was present for a short time.

May you Choose Good karma.

Facilitator Peter W®

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