Facilitator Peter W® explaining Gods Intelligent Structural as Found in Nature - which conforms to Logic without Prejudice

Gobalization - Slavery

Gobalization - Free Trade Agreements = The worst objectives of Communism = all earnings must decend to the lowest common denominator, also your living conditions, must decend to the lowest common denominator.

Nothing is Free, anytime you want nothing, call me i will give to for a small fee, after all, you are using my Time.

2004 - 2009 = 124 different titles, about 300 pages, all search engines had been shut down, eventually even the website was taken down, I was told it was due to a series of accidents, I had a donation Page, never received a nickel.  Why have I restarted - I care - stupid eh?

First of all, Free does not exist.  If you want to live, you must expand and deflate your lungs in order to obtain oxygen,  God will not do it for you.

You must provide clean Air - Clean Water, etc or die early.

Welfare is not free, someone must earn and pay, or as in today, we print Money and create debt, for our Children to pay.  They (our Children) are now paying - not good.  The Current demeanor of the  US Election is due to Gods Intelligent Structural Design at work.

A National Trade agreement is like a challenge, one should only engage, in a trade that provides a profit for all those so engaged and their Citizens. 

This does not include, providing a Nation you want to be your friend, for the purpose of Control and Profit for the few, by providing such favor trade agreements that your own People cannot compete, as this is financial rape - via unemployment etc, the citizens of your own Country for the Control and Profit of the few.

China does not fit the bill, as the lowest common demoninator, as China tries to do well for its Citizens.  I think currently there are more Billionaires/Trillionairs in China than the US.  There are, however many other Countries that do fit the bill.

China is even building factories in countries that have cheaper labor, to compete.

Cheap Labor, is not the determining factor of why a Society succeeds or fails.  It is Laws that prevent one Person or Entity from stealing from another in one form or another.

Democracy is a divided structure, the real and the illionary.  The purpose of the Real is to encourage and protects those (People or Corporations) who lie, steal, cheat, Monopolise, Enslave, Murder and engage in other Evils acts.  The Illusionaries are the Police, as their purpose is to project the illusion of Justice, but once arressed, the Job of the Police is finished,  then the Real, takes Control.

The Exception is Switzerland, as all major legistlation must be presented to the People and voted upon.  The Swiss Government can pass no new law, without the People's approval, thus each Citizen must go to the Polls every four months and vote, or be fined.

I listened to a interview of a Man, called George Soros, who has a hedge fund that can move Billions, perhaps Trillions of Dollars in a matter of Minutes, as such can destroy a Nation's Economy in a matter of hours, if not minutes for his profit.

He stated, his only objective was to make a Profit, as such, is not responsible for any damage to any Nation or its People. Remember my defination of Democracy and the word "Real".

Why are his actions Legal, because Democracy is, as described as above.  Clearly, this act of Evil has been declared Legal.

I find it Strange, that no Nation, has sued him and his hedge fund.  Yet he and his Hedge Fund has victimized Millions of People for profit without just cause.  Legalized stealing is not, just cause, but it is Evil.

Thus GISD punishes the victims for not taking the responsibility of fighting back.

One Global Free Trade Agreement, in the offing, even allows a Corporation to sue a competing Nation for damages, because of local laws.  Thus your Sovereignity  would be completely null and void, but the Rich and Powerful will make lots of Money.

I find it strange that President Obama is for Globalization, as he is Black, why, because his ancestors lived in a area of the World that has lots of strong sun, thus Black Skin prevents an overload of Vit D.

Caucasians ancestors lived in Colder, less powerful Sunsine, thus need white skin to absorb enough Vit D.  Native Indians to North America are darker as they, as a People, spent much more time out in the Sun.

Globalism suggest we should all be offwhite, right handed, hetrosexual and a little off Brown hair Color, and be a certain height, oh yeah, finger prints, hair Color, and voice prints should be all be the same.  Sorry, GISD does not agree.

The EU is a prime example of why Globalization is a failure for all.  Germany the dominant Nation, is a cold wet Nation, they need shelter and heat.  Thus can be coerced into working hard or freeze and die.  Hitler tried to control all of Europe, he failed, as will the New Germany.

Greeks, Italians and Mexicans only need shelter, thus more difficult to coerce.

Each Nation has its own language, why did Gods Intelligent Strucural Design create different languates, because each language has a different topography, and other enviromental surroundings.  In addition it own cultural Morality.

Thus a Nation located in a Cold Climate, their Morality is different from those who live in a Warm Climate etc.  This is why the EU is failing.

Why are some born Peole left handed, some born, with various forms of Sexuality - Hetermorphic.  Each is necessary for a successful Society, although most are Hetrosexual and right handed.

Therefore when you put down someone that is not like you, you are telling God, God is Stupid, I DO NOT THINK SO.

Left handed People primarily use the right side of their brain, thus see life, in a different context, thus when right handed people, slam into a brick wall, left handed People recognise how to avoid the Wall and get all to where they wants to go, also the reverse.

Hetrosexauls do not function well in a Personal Service positions, Some Gays can function well.  Being a Heterosexual, if a customer gave me a slur, I would spill food on him, if, I were to be nice.

I remember being hired by a respectful Man, thus went to the area, I was to work, my new boss showed up and proceeded to put me down, I turned and walked away from him, he said, hey where are you going, I replied to get my Coat, I quit.

People love Free, but Free - Freedom, does not come cheap.

May you choose good Karma

​Facilitator Peter W®