If you remember from English History Oliver Cromwell, then you know that he defeated the English King and allowed the King to Live if he rolled back taxes, as the People could not afford this tax and still live.

The King said yes, Oliver disbanded his Army and went home.  The King hired a Mercenary Army and raised taxes again. Oliver raised an Army and defeated the Kings Army and beheaded the King

Once again Oliver's Army said "Crown yourself King" Oliver refused, instead he took Prominent  People in England and Created Parliament.  Told them they may rule for 3 years, then go to the polls to be Elected by the People.

They all did well, but were not sure that they could be Elected. so they gave themselves 3 more years.  Oliver Cromwell walked into Parliament and said "I hereby dismiss Parliament" anyone who disagrees, may leave and talk to the Man outside who wears a partial Mask carries a big Axe and a block of Wood.  They all left quietly.

Oliver Cromwell took the Title "Lord Protector of England`.  Thus reminding himself, what was his job and those who may have an audience with him that they better be thinking to not screw the People.  England Flourish under his leadership.

Upon his death, his Son Advocated. Thus next in line of the Royal Family took over as King.  The King however had a Problem, this damm PARLIAMENT Laws, took away many of a King`s Powers.  He could not just pardon anyone who broke the law.

The King and his Rich and Powerful friends had to find a way to protect themselves.They needed someone to protect themselves.  They looked at a Priest, who was the intermediary between the Parishioners and the Church Hierarchy, and who had Confidentially.

They said that, this was what they needed, thus they created a person who would act as an intermediary with Confidentially who would protect them from the Law and Called him a Lawyer.

A Hundred years ago, Society could allow this stealing and still survive, as distance limited a Rich and Powerful Person`s reach.  Today distance is no longer a inhibitory factor.

Thus they can now dominate (a form of Enslavement) an entire Nation, even other Nations, especially with a gaggle of Smart Lawyers who has confidentially.

Thus a Democracy is a divided structure, there is the Real and the iIlusionary.  The Purpose of the Real is to encourage and protect those who would Lie, Steal, Cheat, Steal Murder, Monopolize and Enslave.  The Purpose of the Police is to create the illusion of Justice, as such, they charge you with speeding, taking a drug deemed illegal, break up Bar Fights and attend Domestic disputes involving violence. Once having done so, the legal system takes over.

If we removed Confidentially between Lawyer and Client for Violent Rape, Violent Robbery, Murder, Manslaughter, home invasion, abduction, Divorce, Embezzlement, Corporation suing an Individual, I predict that your paycheck would go at least 25% further.

All other instances of Confidentially could take at least 15 years to implement, as removing Confidentially for other situations too fast could lead to Economic Problems.

I could go on and on, suffice it to say,  Democracies are an Evil Structure, designed to protect the Rich and Powerful while enslaving the Middle Class and Poor. This Structure has now created "Hopelessness"

May you choose good karma as the Rich and Powerful do not dare to do so.