I have chosen the name Facilitator Peter W┬«, I choose the Name Facilitator, as it means Teacher.  Explaining Gods Intelligent Structural Design, as found in Nature (Nature always conforms to Logic and is without Prejudice,  is what it was designed to do.

Understand that many other People have been so designed, but I have made it this far at least, whether I have all the design traits, only you will determine. Unfortunately People still believe that Government will protect them.  They do not realise,  if they do not control their Governors, other will, for their profit at your expense.

I have made a statement that the average child is born with above average Intelligence.  This is due to Parents that put their children down, instead of helping them be, who they were meant to be.

Understand that Gods teachings affects your Emotional, Physical and Economic status, Man has called this Politics.

When I became reasonable financially secure, I got involved in Politics, only to learn that as a Politician I could not improve Peoples lives.

I have tried to get this house of God going before and failed, during the years 2004 - 2009.  The Major Search Engines were shut down, finally my entire site disappeared.  I was told it was due to a series of errors.

All my life I have watched unnecessary pain and suffering,  When i was young about 5 years old and tried to help, I was put down and told to mind my own business.

Later in Life, I found that some did not want help, as they accepted their lot in life.

I joined the Cubs, but did not fit the structure well,  thus the Cub  Master encouraged a group of them to take me down and tickle me, to punish me, I refused to respond to the tickling, by telling my brain, not to respond, to this day I cannot feel anything when I am tickled.  It was a big price, but I would not give them the satisfaction.  I never returned.

My farther when the chips were down, did everthing to save me and he did, but he had a problem, thus at 14 I went on my own.  Mother was old school and did for me as she could.

I am 75 thus probable only have 20+ years to be effective, after which I may not have the intellect.

No one has ever taught these lessons found in Nature, I hope i will be successful this time. my entire life would have been better if I read all the teachings that will be found here.  I have 120 more teaching written and will update and add them as time goes by.

Also I would be much better off financially, had I not been born a giver, but that was not who I was meant to be.

ABOUT Facilitatorpeterw® Explaining Gods intelligent Structural Design Teachings As Found In Nature