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TAKE NOTICE: The titles on the left are other teachings.

That which created all that is and all that can be, thus providing purpose for all living entities did so, by employing logic without Prejudice, we call God/Creator, thus = Nature - Our Creators Work -was designed to conforms to the above. Think very hard about this definition and its consequences.

Also recognize that man was created to respond to our Creator's Intelligent Structural Design.  Currently Man/Nations are subverting this structure, given time the price will become overwhelming.

The overriding theme of all of our Creator's Teachings:  You must control your Governors. If you do not, the Rich and Powerful will, thus you in various forms will be enslaved forever. This is our Creators punishment for refusing to protect yourself from those who will do you harm without just cause.

All Democracies were based upon the principal that the Rich and Powerful must be protected from harm, regardless of their actions.

Thus they are free to enslave all others, today due to instant communications all Democracies are bankrupt and destroying Societies.

The Exception is China, as the People and their Rulers, remember being enslaved by other nations for more than 100 years. Thus the People of China are willing to endure and study so it may never happen again.

China has respected our Creators Teachings, in that a Nations duty is to protect itself from those who would harm its People without Just Cause. 

May China never allow itself to be so weak that another Nation will dare to invade China, = our Creators teachings, that states that remembering and understanding why the  massacre and atrocities of Nanjing 80 years - 1937 ago occurred is that appropriate response to the War Crimes committed by the Japanese, is to remember and understand.  Not Hatred.  Hatred teaches you nothing.

It appears that China has forgotten its PAST, it is willing to sacrifice North Korea for Political and and Monetary profit.  The Political outfall will be unstoppable, it will tear China apart. China up to recently, could hold it head up high.  That is what created the Modern Day China great leap forward.

Of course Trump keeps tightens the noose.  He did not say, but only insinuated that you were supplying N Korea with Oil. Any further accusations with proof, would force you to accept slavery or to verbally destroy the American Government at the UN  He has provided enough ammunition to do do so and then some.

 Thus the noose would be around Trump's neck not China's.  It would be Trump's greatest blunder, causing his own People to not come within 100 feet of him.  It would turn the World against the US, also the reserve dollar would disappear quite quickly.

Strange that a Iran Oil Tanker in international waters was accidently (do you really believe that story)hit and sunk with the loss of all Sailors on the Iran Oil tanker. It appears just after S Korea grabbed two Oil tankers that were suspected of transferring Oil to an N Korean Oil Tanker.

Now S Korea and China have to clean up.

Recognize that our Creator designed Man to respond positively to the Creator's Laws and teachings.

Not withstanding the above, the only Leader in the Western World that i can think of to compare with President Xi Jinping is Oliver Cromwell. Oliver Cromwell is still the best.

I had such hope for Mankind due to the People of China and its leader.  But your leader like a Monkey who placed his hand into a gourd to get something of value, - Taiwan/International Trade. refused to let go.  Thus a becoming the Prisoner of Trump. President Trump using the threat of recognizing Taiwan and Trade War it appears to me that it caused Xi to agree to harm North Korea without Just Cause.

Congratulations to China as responding correctly to Mr Trump's trade restrictions.  The entire World will be better off due to China's response. 

Thus Trump wanted just a little more, and then a little more etc.  Do you really think that it will stop there.  President Trump will always want just a little more.

Once you make a bad choice it is a slippery road, almost impossible to get off and make a clean break.

Currently Korea North and South are talking - GREAT 

The World will pay dearly for the damage done to N Korea.

The logic to the below section has been removed by a hacker, thus it starts from NOWHERE.

Further Oliver gave them a 3 yr term, after which the had to stand Election.  Toward the end of the 3 years, they not being sure that there leadership could stand a Election, thus awarded themselves another 3 years. 

Oliver Cromwell being upset, walked into Parliament and stated - i hereby dismiss Parliament, anyone who disagreed can talk to the  Man with a half Mask carrying a large Axe along with a large block of wood, who,  3 years earlier had a talk with the old King.

They all wisely left peacefully, Oliver Cromwell then declared himself - Lord Protector of England, under his leadership England prospered immensely.

The title was design to remind Oliver what was his job, further remind those who approached him, of his attitude. 

Remember our Creators 1st law, it is your duty to protect yourself for those who would do you harm -WITHOUT JUST CAUSE.

North Korea has honored this Law.  China appears to have allowed it judgement to be clouded, (The reason shown above) thus you have turned your back on this Law by not supporting North Korea

The US has gone too far, any further forcing North Korea into Slavery by any means whatsoever, it does not matter how or in what form.  It will be the biggest Mistake in it's Military history.  The Political and Economic costs will be enormous and unstoppable.

TAKE NOTE: It appears that all Major Search Engines have been shut down reference my website.  I Wonder WHY.  Perhaps FEAR.

25 Oct 2016 - Reporters Without borders released its World Press Freedom Index. I read this from the website called Truth Revolt.  The US ranks 41st on the World Press Freedom Index, making the US behind Tonga, Ghana and even Namibia.

I constantly hear that America is the land of the FREE.  The above prove that this is total PROPAGANDA. Canada may be only slightly freer.

Because Mr. Trump, today, President Trump has scared the living daylights of the DEEP STATE, the word,  that was only articulated behind closed doors has come out into the open.  The Word is EXCEPTIONALSIM, which if you read futhers along, you will realize is extremely Prejudice in that it creates Hate and Wars, for which Gods Intelligent Structural Design (GISD) punishes.

Unfortunately due to lack of Knowledge, few if any will recognize our Creator's reward or punishment.

One current Punishment for the US is fear of terrorism from those who the US Government has and is killing for the profit of the few, as the Middle and Poor pay the freight.  Further movement of jobs offshore to protect the Rich and Powerful.

War is the greatest vehicle to move money From the Middle Class and Poor, to the rich and Powerful. 

Europe who has also particpated in this blood bath, is hit even harder.

The word EXCEPTIONALISM means that those who feel that they fall into this catogory are Prejudice in that they believe they are above others, thus others are to be enslaved in some form or manor.

If your Religious Beliefs state that if others, do not believe as you, the non believers will go to Hell or be denied Heaven.  This is Exceptionalism/Prejudice and has killed tens of Millions over Centuries.

Now that the Deep State is in trouble, we are being told that the US deserves EXCEPTIONALISM etc, etc, etc.

The Deep State also employs the term "National Interest" this is just another way of inserting the word EXCEPTIONALISM.  This provides  the excuse of KILLING those who disagree or refuse to be enslaved.

Blasphemy is simply another way to substitute the word EXCEPTIONALISM but on a Personal Religious Level, but Exceptional is still Evil.

The government job, is supposed to allow its citizens the freedom to enjoy themselves and provide protection from those who would harm its Citizens without JUST cause.  If you bomb and kill others, first,    -   in their Nation, do not complain when they wish to retaliate.

No one or Nation has the right, to force others, how their Society should Act.

I hear GOD BLESS AMERICA.  If you read the above and think very hard about the consequences, you would realize that Gods Intelligent Structural Design = GISD only rewards or punishes individuals, or groups that do or do not respects Gods Teachings. 

Do not ask God to Bless - reward, America - I assume, you are referring to the US, but respect GISD, and you will be rewarded on a individual basis. If as a Nation you respect GISD, then you shall be rewarded on a National basis. FURTHER GOD BY GODS OWN STRUCTURAL DESIGN, CANNOT BLESS ANY NATION only reward/Punish that Nation, otherwise that would be PREJUDICIAL = EVIL. Read on to understand.

The Nation that respects GISD the most is Switizerland, and as such it has been rewarded, Read further on to understand.

Invading a neighbor to inflict your way of life upon them, or for profit, or because they potentially have weapons of Mass Destruction, all the while you have even more superior weapons. is an act of Evil.

I stated, that GISD punished for acts of Evil.  Currently ALL Democracies, with the exception of Swizerland. GISD is punishing, in various ways. Riots, People being forced onto Welfare and Food Stamps, Living on the streets, Prejudice, a National debt that can never be payed, thus must print more money, thus making the Many ever more poor and victimized.

Inflation is a means of stealing from the Middle class/Poor and making the Rich even more Rich.

Think about it, if I own 100 Million in Real Estate and you own 100,000 in Real Estate and Real Estate goes up 10%.  The Rich Guy gains 10,000,000, you gain 10,000.  In reality you have just become poorer.

War is the greatest means of stealing from the Middle/Poor Class that was ever created, WHY, because the Middle/Poor Class pay for the Soldier's Pay Check, Clothing, Gear, Rifles, bullets, planes, bombs etc.

The Rich it appears pay between 1 - 2.5% taxes, due to loop holes, also

Laws that enable and protect those who steal, in all its forms.

One consequences is that Gods/Our Creator Intelligent Structural Design - GISD, as found in Nature COULD NOT BE DESIGNED TO CARE as that would be Prejudice and destabilize the laws of Science. If GISD were Prejudice, nothing could be enabled, as NO STABILITY. The Laws of Nature would not be LAWS. The fact, that a 14 year old, can run faster from a oncoming vehicle, than a cripple or old Man.  GISD, CANNOT  care.    THINK ABOUT THIS !!!!!!!!!!

 If you are a nice or nasty person GISD in the first instance will reward you, in the second will punish you - without Prejudice. If Prejudice were allowed, laws of Nature would be unstable.

Man, as compensation, was given the Gift of Emotions, logic, Fear (all Gods gifts to Man were designed to be positive - even Fear (I have a explanation exclusively devoted to this Emotion - Fear), which was designed to be a friend, its purpose is to cause you to think, not freeze, as well as 120 others Teachings not put up as yet

God also imbued Man with Emotions to enable a Loving  - Caring relationship with others.  All Living Life has been imbued with Emotions, it has been conclusively proven, even Plants have been imbued with Emotions.

A Tree that has a offspring, the small area where this related young tree grows, the Mother tree will not feed.

God imbued Man with Eyes, Ears and Touch tied to a portion of the brain the can interpreted what it perceives, in a form that can be very pleasing.

GOD also imbued individual Man with various personal gifts. thus providing each Man with purpose.  Those who find and respect their individual Gift will prosper, the degree will depend upon his environment, in doing so, all will benefit.

When I speak of Man, I refers to all. Thus without Prejudice.

God also imbued Man with Choice, in order for Man to evolve or devolve.  Without Choice, Man could not Evolve or Devolve.  Some Choose Evil. 2017 we are close to World War III.

Man now has the ability to destroy all Life many times over.  Do you think that our Creator Intelligent Structural Designs cares.  To do so would be Prejudicial.  Man will simply be a failed experiment.

EVIL Example:  Confidentially between a Lawyer and Client, as this encourages and protects Evil. Confidentially between Lawyer and Client  could be removed immediately, for the following:

Murder, Rape, Manslaughter, Kidnapping, Hostage Taking, Drug Dealers, Divorce and hiding Children's Criminal Acts.


Other situations must also be eliminated, but over at least 10 years or more, as sudden change would be a Economic disaster.

Signs that our Rapacious - stealing - enslaving Society in all its forms, is causing our so called, Democracies to implode.  Our Money velocity is slowing down = less buying, thus less taxes, Malls have empty store fronts, The Currency Market is shrinking = people taking Money off the table.

If I remember correctly the above, as of Nov 2016

Central Banks are printing money by the Lake full to support an incompent Governing Structure - Evil Structure.  Example; War -The Cost, as with all Wars, fall upon the Middle Class the most, also the Poor.  Make no mistake this is a form of War against those without Power -  The Middle class and especially the Poor. For the Profit of the FEW.  Recognize that after the War, the Rich move in and demand huge profits.  Then the Poor pay even more.

The US for example has in excess of 900 Military Bases in 147 Nations - who pays the bills for these Bases, well you of course.  Who walks into these Nations and gets a sweetheart deal, thus makes exceptional Profits. The Rich of course.

Lets recap, you pay the bills, and Corporations get the profits.  THE MIDDLE CLASS AND THE POOR GET THE SHAFT.

Corporations are borrowing Money at incredible low rates, using this Money to re-buy its own stocks, thus causing its stock to go up, also allowing the Corporation to pay Dividends, without this borrowed Money, the value of Dividends would drop as would the Stock's Value.

It's a Ponzi scheme - Folks

Central Banks (using your $)are even thinking of directly buying large Corp stocks, (Japan is already doing it big time) to prevent the Stock Market from falling, in short we live in a Rapacious Evil Phoney Financial Structure.

Now in desparation, Nations wish to eliminating Cash, so they can track your every dime spent, know where you earned/spent it and even know what food you eat, and see that it is taxed. Further your Money is in a Bank, where if the Government/Banks need it, it can be confiscated. AFTER ALL ONLY CROOKS NEED CASH - Really?  I do not think so.

The Elimination of Cash is the prelude to the Mark of the Beast.

India is well on its way doing so.  Currently the highest currency note in India is worth US $7.50, England has printed a new 5 Pound Note complete with a chip.  When all Notes have been printed in this Manner, overnight a 5 Pound note can only be worth 4 Pounds, the Government has stolen 1 Pound legally.

All Democratic Governments except Switzerland are desperate for Money.

Someone has the unmitigated Gall to call this FREEDOM?

Even Banks have been allowed to show assets that are currently only worth a fraction of the Pretend Stated Value, and pretend these assets are still worth what they paid.  All the Bank has to do is, call their bad investments, LONG TERM INVESTMENTS, it is legal, Folks 2016.

WE LIVE IN A MAKE BELIEVE FANTASY FINANCIAL WORLD.  Some Banks are even  loaning Money at Negative interest Rates, translation: the Banks either charge NO interest or pay LARGE BORROWERS,  MONEY.  This is currently changing, by raising interest rates to prepare for a coming Depression, at that point rates will fall lower again, at least that is the way it looks to me from where I sit.

Yet this Rapacious Evil Structure punishes those who accepted responsibility, by saving for their Retirement, only to have the Central Bank placing retail Banks in a position, that they cannot afford to pay Interest, thus raping, those who saved by paying virtually No Interest, + Service Charges.  Insulting, oh yeah.

Recently some smaller banks in Italy have gone bankrupt, thus all saving were legally Stolen, to pay the bank's debt, some whose saving were conficated, committed Suicide. Some of the too big to fail banks have been bailed out, but for how long.

Greeks, 7 Jan 2017 are already looking for more Money.  They should have gone on their own.  Greeks/Italians live in a warm climate, thus do not need as much money.  They do not have the need to work hard, Germans get cold, thus must work hard.

Banks, are no longer just banks, they can sell insurance, buy stocks, gamble the money you placed in the Bank, buying derivatives,  If they lose, your Government (YOU) bails them out, or they go bankrupt.  Now they can take your Money legally.

Today all G20 Countries includes the US and Canada, their banks can do a bail-in, which means they can take the money you put in that bank to pay their debt.  It is legal, Folks, 

People in Power, have lied to you for Centuries, the Purpose of which is to Enslave You.  The Greatest Lie is that Life is unfair.  ONLY Man can be unfair.  Rocks, Trees, Nature cannot be unfair. and as shown above, GISD is fair.

Line up a Cow, White Man, Black Woman, Mexican Child, push them all of a very high cliff with no means of slowing their decent, they all die. GISD cannot be prejudice.  Only Gods gift of Empathy will care.  Thus Life is always fair, only Man is unfair.

All Evil Power structures require an Enemy, real or creatively perceived.  If Real, then that Power Structure is respecting Gods second Tenet - there are 40 Tenets, I will put them up on a separate page on the left  -  to protect yourself, against those, who would do Evil upon you, without just cause.

Creatively created Enemies are very valuable, as they are a distraction from reality.  The Rich and Power create Enemies. so like a Magican, distract you there, while they steal from you here.


I watched Michelle's (a non-elected person) diatribe, on Women's Rights for about 10 seconds (it was all that I  could handle). First of all GISD provides, no Rights for Man, only opportunities. When born, if you do not breathe, you die.  GISD cannot care.  Only Man due to Gods Gifts to Man can care.

Groping - Gods, 2nd Tenet applies, in the past, if a Woman was groped, she would slap the Perpetrator's face, this would cause all to observe and act accordingly.  This is GISD at work.

As, all Life was designed to respond to GISD.

Cohabiting, I wrestled with the 2 boys, the girl wanted to be included, thus, being physically weaker, she was allowed to punch me in the Chest.  She got so good at punching, I had to call it off.

When her back was turned (she had a D cup) a boy grabbed her, she turned and broke his nose.  The boys made so much fun of him, he moved to another school.  This is GISD at work.

Equal Pay for work of Equal Value.  Another insidious lie.  If a Person is doing the exact same work and has the same potential (recognise if a Woman gets Pregnant, and must take time off, further if her Child is Sick, she takes time off, as statically Men do neither. This is why God created both a Male and Female as each were design to fulfill a purpose from a species point of view.

 A Woman may get Married and become a Homemaker, thus the return on the Corp Investment, is lower.  Should an accident occur Men will survive better than Women.  Thus Statically Men are of greater value to a Corporation = pay differences.  This is GISD at work.

I watched a Lady in India, she was the CEO of the Company.  Let me tell you, she employed Empathy in her products. She is kicking her competitors butt.  Most Companies do not employ Empathy in their product, only interested in Profit. Males could do the same, but mostly do not.  Her Compay is the winner of the future.

Further a percentage of Women are attracted to Powerful Men.  I remember a Lady showing me a picture of her and a Famous Country and Western Singer, he had his hand on her right breast.

Woman have different values, example: Man can hunt Does (female deer) for a short Season, but hunt Bucks(male deer) for a very long season. This is not Prejudice, it is logical.

Without Women, Men, would probably kill each other off.  Men generally, are not as Civilised as Women.

All Evil Power structures require an Enemy, real or creatively perceived.

Most Power Structures fall into the second Category.  Example:  9-11 was used by the US, along with  - Weapons of Mass destruction - providing FEAR, to promote a reason to invade Iraq, when in fact it now appears the Saudis were behind 9-11, their friends? further - Weapons of Mass Destruction did not exist.

This is to say nothing (9/11 Twin Towers) that each building fell in its own footprint. Few if any refer to a third tower that was not hit by a Plane but fell down as well, in its own footprint - of course. This should be in Ripleys belive it or not.

Consequence - The Rich and Powerful - the Deep State, make a ton of Money.  Bullets, Bombs, planes etc, must be replaced.  Of course the Middle and Poor Class pay all bills, the Rich and Powerful pay little ie: 1 - 2.5% taxes only, via the Legal Structure they created.

Warren Buffet a very Rich Man, is reputed to have said, my Secretary is in a higher tax bracket than I.

Some Power Structures have created - The Devil - to ensure Control/Power.  If you have read the above, then you know that GISD only provides Positive Tools, thus - The Devil - Negative, is MANS creation to install Fear and Control, also makes for great Movies.

I have an explanation, written years ago, in two parts, I will put up as a separate page on the left. The Devil 1 and 2.

Remember God/our Creator had to provide Man Choice, in order for Man to Evolve, some choose Evil.

This reminds me, years ago my Daughter was taught Phonetics, thus learned to sound out - pronounce any word, thus, before, first year of School, she could read any paragraph with ease.

This provided her confidence = Power, but, after finishing first grade, the Canadian School system destroyed this ability and it was difficult for her, to even read - a Dick and Jane Book.

Why would a system do such an act of Evil.  It took away her confidence, power and gave it to the Government Structure = Deep State, namely, do as you are told, and you will be rewarded.

​I watched all 3 Presidential Debates.  Trump understood some of our problems, but still needs work, but he appears to be learning.  Clinton = the Deep State (Disaster), from where I sit.  Thus expect more unrest and greater Economic pain as Gods Intelligent Structural Design = GISD continues to cumulatively Punish.

I wrote the above, the day after the 3rd debate.

20 Jan 2017, it appears that President Trump greatest achievement, is that he has scared the Deep State half to death.  Thus at least putting off the day of the Mark of the Beast from happening.

Trump it appears,  is no friend to the Deep State, even Powerful Republicans hate him.

Recognise that God/the Creator has PROVIDED the tools to make a better life, but God will NOT do it for you.  That is MAN'S  RESPONSIBILITY. 

Bram Stroker was so upset with the Society in which he lived, he created the story, Dracula.  To this day, 99.99% of those who have read his book or seen the Movie did not recognise the Moral, for which the story was written.

GISD CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO CARE - change, but, it does Punish and Reward, both Daily and Cumulatively.  The News Media and Financial Guru's lie to you, about why, all Democracies (except Switzerland) are in Financial trouble, They tell you, it was because - fill in any excuse as you please..  This is necessary to keep you distracted and enslaved.

You wait with bated breath, if interest rates go up or stay, or this, or that going the way you are taught to desire.

Troops return, disillusioned, some even commit suicide. some upon returning to the US simply go AWOL (away without leave)

Pilots that sit in a bunker, directing Drones to kill all People (Men, Women, Children including babies) within that house, become disillusioned and quit.

Governments print Money to prevent collapse of an Evil Structure, buy their own bonds, bail out Banks, lower interest rates to a 5000 year low, 2016, now they are thinking of buying Stocks of the Too Big to Fail Private Companies.

Make it legal, in reality, to hide additives to food without informing you, it can also add "Natural Flavor".  Lets think about that one Logically, Folks  

If a can of food contains, veggies and meat, those ingredients produce natural flavours, so why do they add "Natural Flavours", reason - to chemically enhance the desired taste they want, or be addictive, thus sell more product, that is why.

Your body does not require them, or know how to use them, so the body, stores them in Fat cells.  The Medical and fat loss industry must love them.

You have been told, that People have good bacteria and bad bacteria.  What they have not told you, that bad Bacteria are a Parasite, in that they harm your body.  Further if you have more bad Bacteria than good bacteria, the Bad predominant bacteria, they will cause food cravings - caused by the release of Pleasurable Endorphins and the food you crave will only feed the Bad Bacteria.  Surprise, Surprise.

This is our Creators Punishment for allowing this Evil to be Legal.

​Pardon me, but I thought that Government was supposed to protect you and I. - WRONG, their job, is to protect those who give them enough Money to be re-elected, or other forms of Bribery, or Blackmail.

I had (I am 76 years young) a plugged Gall bladder, I was told, it had to come out, as they had no way to clean it.  I told them to get lost.  

I spent a few hours on the internet, a Chinese Lady from Toronto had a Chinese protocol (10 weeks) taking various herbs, morning and evening.  I got out stones so big,  without even knowing it, on the day of the flush that the Medical Industry would never believe.

Stones leaving the Gall Bladder have to pass through a skinny tube, so therefore it was impossible for large stones to pass.  Sorry, my protocol never got the Memo. Some of the herbs, I had to take, allowed that skinny tube to become like an Elastic to pass large stones with ease.

About a 2 years latter I had stones in my Kidneys causing problems, the Lady from Toronto has a protocol, but included the silk tascle at the end of the ear of Corn.  My body does not like Corn, so the protocol made me sick, therefore the Medical Industry filled in - very expensive to Canada's Medical Costs.

This Lady now only works for a very Expensive Exclusive Medical Clinic.  I was lucky, to find her before she joined the clinic.

Thus if Governments were to protect us, our health costs would drop about 80%

Stealing in all its forms has become ubiquitous - common place.  So much so that our Social Structure is breaking down.

This all, is our Creator/Gods Intelligent Structural Design Punishment cumulatively at work and will get much worse,  as the Rich and powerful are running out of options.  

GISD will keep exposing these Doors until even the Sheeple will understand.  I hate the Word Sheeple (a Citizen,who believes without question) but, Centuries of Lies, have created them. 

GISD is doing its job of punishment, but will not correct the problem, that, we must do for ourselves.

GISD created water, shows us how to find it, how to use it, but will not drink it for us.  THAT IS OUR JOB.

GISD has provided the tools, but is only us, that must use them for a better life.

Governments will remove a Religion's Tax Number Status (Means that your donation receipt, will not be Tax Deductible) if Gods Teaching are explained in a Political Manner.  

As of I Oct 2016, Government, I suspect, SHUT DOWN ALL MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES  for my site, the same as it did to me in 2004 - 2009 to prevent, these teachings, being available.

All of Gods Teachings are Political, as they teach you, the way to a better life.  Including teaching you to protect yourself, from your Governing body, by demanding control over their ability to enact Laws.

Thus GISD, is cumulatively making it more and more difficult to control the Masses.

Mark Twain is reputed to have said, History does not repeat itself, but it does RHYME, the reason why, is found below.

God DESIGNED all Life, including Man, Cats, Trees, even worms, to respond in a Positive Manner to our Creator/God's Intelligent Structural Design Laws (structural means it cannot be changed by Man). Recognize that the Greater the Intelligence, the greater the responsibility.

Recognise that all knowledge contains grains of responsibility, some accept it and are rewarded via GISD, others reject it and are thus Punished via GISD.

Traumatised Man will not necessarily, respond Positively, to God's Intelligent Structural Design/Laws, therefore God's Imbued into Man, Emotional Intelligence, to deal with this potential problem and many more.

Thus if I am charged with Murder, I may be hung or told I am free to go home, depending upon the Emotions, that were valid, during the Act of Killing.

Man's conscious Mind understands the Negative: not, do not, doesn't, but the Subconscious only understands the POSITIVE.  Example: as you lose control of your vehicle, you say to yourself, I do not want to hit that big Tree.

The Negative word "Not" has been unrecognised, because the subconscious cannot - NOT - do something, as its job, is to take action, to fulfill your wish/protect you.

The Subconscious is in control in a Emergency, when action must be taken in a second or less, thus the Subconscious hears: I do want to hit that Tree and will do everything in its power, to take action to serve your wish.  The negative word "Not" has been removed, because the subconscious cannot, - not - do something, as its job is to take action TO PROTECT YOU, AS BEST AS IT CAN.

Instead say i want to miss that big tree, your subconscious will do everything in its power to bring this about.

You might say, I have difficulty remembering Names, your subconscious says I will help to bring that about.   Instead say, I will work to improve my ability to remember Names, your subconscious, will endeavour to help.

Recognise that GISD is designed help you carry out your wishes, either Negatively or Positively, without Prejudice.  If you try to use it to harm someone for Evil Purposes, it will function, as well as it would for a Righteous Act, however GISD will punish for all acts of Evil.

I could go on for great length.

God also provided Man with a success mechanism, whose only job is to provide solutions, to a problem, that you have not found a suitable solution.

Recognise, that, this part of your brain, does not understand morality, as it has to function over  a Millennia with different Time periods as well as different Environments and tribal history. Therefore, this part of your brain cannot function with a innate (inborn) morality.

Thus never complain when this portion of your brain provides a unacceptable or illogical solution.  Its job is to provide a potential solution without, either logic or morality.

A Personal example: I was about to enter the door of a excellent Massage Therapist who had worked on me, causing my left thigh to be swollen and painful for three weeks. 

I waited another week, thus no pain for a week and returned, for treatment, as I approached the door, i felt a sense, saying: You are not going to take me in there again, I replied that it was necessary for us to get better, no further complaints.

The pain that I had to endure was excruciating.  I did this for about a year.

Prior to my treatment, i could only walk a 3/4 of a block without pain.

Thereafter I could walk 5 miles without pain.

GISD provided my body with Collagen(glue) to enable adhesions, so that after being run over by a Car (about 1948, cars were build higher off the road than now). Adhesions allowed undamaged tissue to glue itself to damaged tissue so I could recover and function reasonable well.  As I got older the adhesions had to go.

Ten thousand years ago this was necessary, as no larder to feed upon, until healed enough, to go hunting, although the group would help some.

This reminds me of the moral hidden in Bram Stokers - Dracula.  If you recall Dracula feed on the blood of Citizens, further Dracula had to commit his act of Evil in the Dark, as the light of Day would destroy him.  Also Dracula was rich as he lived in a Castle.

The Rich, to feed on the financial blood of the Citizens (acts of Evil) had to scheme behind closed doors - in the dark, so to speak, should the doors be flung open - the light of day, they would have to flee for their lives, of course, being Rich they would live in a Castle of some type.

Bram Stroker did not wants to be penalised for his Moral stance, thus created Dracula.

When you are extremely Rich you are like a Spanish Galleon, big, deadly and cumbersome, thus in a storm, its would take a long time to change course, thus the English defeated the Spanish fleet, due to being small and very maneuverable.

Example:  Today, even a small Nation can damage a Large Powerful Nation via using cyber-warfare, also even a small Nation (North Korea) can develop a Nuclear Bomb, along with a delivery system to protect itself from those who would harm it without just cause. 

Thus because of the very large position in the Stock Market, the Rich have to have a means of manipulating the Market so they can get in cheap and out without huge losses, as normally in or out, a large position, will affect the Markets price severely.

Thus they must insure that Laws are passed to allows such action.  Further they must have control over the media,  at least, that the way it looks to me from where I sit.

If Man learns and respects God's/our Creators Intelligent Structural Design, as found in Nature.  Man will IMMEDIATELY be rewarded as an Individual - Group - Nation.  This is why, it is said that "you are your brothers keeper", whether you wish or not. If Man repeatedly respects these Laws, then the reward will become cumulative.

​If Man fails to learn or respect these LAWS, he/Man will be punished, immediately, either Emotionally/Physically or both. If you repeat,  these Acts of Evil, the Punishment will become cumulative.

GISD does not accept ignorance as an excuse.

Recognise that if the same Emotional Punishment is repeated, this cumulative Emotional punishment will cause you physically harm.

Switzerland has the highest standard of Living of any Democracies - Why, could this be, because the Citizens demanded the right to reject or accept all major legislation, thus the Government must go to the People, every four months and ask to pass any proposed Legislation.  Guess what folks - Switzerand has never started a War.

In short the Citizens demanded the right to protect themselves from those who govern them.  Why, because God's Intelligent Structural Design states that you have a duty to protect yourself, if you refuse this responsibility, then you/ your Group shall be punished.

Those People of one Section - Group of a Nation, that are given more Freedom - Rights than other sections- groups of that Nation, will demand even more, (Gods Punishment is Greed) at the expensive of others, God's/our Creator's Intelligent Structural Design will punish such greed.  Both those who enabled it and those who are victimised,  GISD will punished both, without Prejudice.

One of the Greatest Lies ever fostered upon a Society, is that LIFE IS UNFAIR.

Why would this LIE be so important to the Rich and Powerful.

Because if you believe it, then when you are victimised, you will not complain, after all, if life is unfair their is no reason to complain, as life is unfair.

I have already proven that GODS structure is without prejudice, therefore, if God is never unfair/prejudice, then who is unfair, the word LIFE is simply a verb, so what is left, the answer is ONLY MAN CAN BE UNFAIR.

Now, if Society were told, that only Man is unfair, then Society would do something about it.  This would be a disaster, for those who wishes to victimise/enslave you.

Evil example;  Our Governors have provided confidentially between Lawyers and their Client, so that even the person having committed a most heinous act.  The Lawyers job is to prevent them from being punished.  Thus Confidentially goes a long way, encouraging and protecting those who choose EVIL.

This in turn causes People who are fearful of losing their jobs to Lie and Cheat.


Confidentially should be immediately removed for Murder, Rape, Manslaughter  Drug Dealers, Abductions and Divorce..  Other situations must take up to 10 - 15 years to eliminate, as an overnight change could be an Economic Disaster.

When Canadian Government officials/employees get caught breaking the Constitution or Laws, the Government does no prosecute them, using the EXCUSE that if they do not prosecute, the individuals would willingly explain how they did it. but NOT, WHY or WHO ORDERED THEM TO DO IT !!!!!!!!!! This is a example of EVIL.

 Thus the Governments could close that loop hole, to prevent this happening in the future, but it will not.

 TAKE NOTE:  This tells the guilty person that they are PROTECTED should they be told to do it again. They will do so. knowing tha they are protected.

All Democracies, save and except Switzerland, are EVIL ENTITIES, as their Citizens - victims, do not control their Governors.

China has a different Political Structure that has served them well, as they remember, being enslaved by other Nations for more than 100 years, thus they have learned GISD first of 40 Tenets: To protect yourself against those who would enslave you without just cause. Thus every Man, Woman and Child in China work very hard to be able to protect themselves from any form of Slavery.  MAY THEY NEVER FORGET IT.

Hong Kong has been granted more freedom, thus greed causes them to want more, they want Democracy, without understanding the Evil Democracies  perpetrates upon its People.  

Democracies require people to run for office, this is extremely expensive, thus only the Rich and Powerful have the Money to spare, to give to someone to be elected.  Thus when elected, those Elected will do whatever the Rich and Powerful want then to do in return for the Money to get Elected.

Currently you have the best of both Political Structures.  If you demand Democracy, be sure that whomever gets Elected must go to the People every four Months to approve or disapprove all significant legislation the Governors wish to pass.  OR BECOME SLAVES OF A SO CALLED DEMOCRACY.

Many People fled Cuba, as they disagreed with Fidel Castro vision, others fought him, were caught and Executed.  He recently died and the many cried over his death.  Those who fled and disagreed in Florida were happy.  They hope that the land they owned, prior to Castro confiscating their property, will get it back from those who occupy it today.

The average Cuban has a much better life than his American counter part. He has free Medical - in the US it can wipe out your entire life's savings.  He can afford to have Children and time to spent with them and his Wife, in Canada this is difficult.

Most in the US cannot afford Children, or if the have them, no time to spend with them or their Wife.  A great many even though they Work, need food stamps to eat.  Further many must live in their vehicle, or on the street.

Many now refuse to work, as this allows them food, shelter, time for themselves and children, also time for their Wife.  They think of those who work and cannot live decently, as suckers.

The winner of Wars always confiscates the lands of those who fled or were defeated. 

Eventually I will publish 122 other teachings, that I wrote 2004 - 2009.


Creator/God you have given me the opportunity to love and be loved.  The opportunity to have children (not always my own DNA) that I may have a loving relationship all my life..  The opportunity to make responsible choices.  A brain that in an emergency will endeavour to move me out of harm's way, without conscious thought.

 A brain that will make suggestions (acceptable or unacceptable) that may solve my problems.  Dreams to re-balance me Emotionally and to try to point out areas of my life, I should address.  

A conscious mind to give me the opportunity to make responsible choices and pose questions.

​ A body that will endeavor to heal itself and when injured, will endeavor to mitigate the injury so I may get on with my life. Remember Adhesions.

A body that will inform me of problems so I may address them.

I will take responsibility, grow and meet your challlenges as best as I may.

Thank You God

I will borrow the phrase - May you choose good Karma, as the Rich and Powerful cannot afford to do so.

​Facilitator Peter W®

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